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Downtown Woodland

Woodland, CA

Woodland is the current Yolo County seat. Woodland’s origins trace back to 1850 when California gained its statehood and Yolo County was established. Since the town started growing in population and resources, it has not stopped. The area was well irrigated due to the efforts of James Moore, and this drew people out to try their hand at farming. The endeavor was successful as people found the soil in the area very fertile. The addition of a railroad line, the close proximity to Sacramento (only 20 miles), and Interstate 5 & Hwy 80 helped create a thriving city, rich in agriculture and history.

About Us



The mission of the Historic Woodland Downtown Business Association is to support the business, cultural, entertainment and government center for the region by recruiting business, encouraging economic development, revitalizing and promoting downtown, supporting existing business and acting as a liaison between diverse interest groups and government. Historic Woodland Downtown Association is a public-private partnership.

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